Cherise Lowe, Counselling

Cherise holds a Clinical Masters of Social Work degree from UBCO and has been working in mental health for over 10 years. She is passionate about mental wellness and helping people to become the most complete versions of themselves, while providing a safe space to explore, heal and most of all grow. She knows the courage it can take to say “I need help” and makes it her goal, to align with you in a way that leaves you feeling understood, accepted, and hopeful for change. The work she does with clients is deep and profound, as together you work to drill to the core of what is perpetuating your current issues. By treating problems at this core level, clients often report having a sense of freedom beyond what they’ve experienced in a long time.

She understands that getting to the point of seeking therapy often means that you have tried several techniques yourself. Perhaps, you find yourself circling around the same issues, or struggling to overcome one particular problem, despite a lot of effort to change. She understands how exhausting and sometimes hopeless that place can feel. Cherise’s goal is to not just help you cope, but heal. She wants to help you find out where and why you’re getting stuck, and most importantly work towards truly creating change in yourself, that is lasting.

While Cherise utilizes a combination of techniques, her specialization is in Accelerate Resolution Therapy (ART). ART works at getting to the core of problems. Unprocessed, and painful life events (repetitive and/or single event traumas) can manifest on the surface as distressing mental, emotional & physical experiences, however with ART we can treat the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms, which creates LASTING change. Research has shown that clients treated with ART find symptom reduction on an average of 4 sessions. This speaks to how quick and effective ART can be in bringing resolve.
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