Dr. Cheryl Kalashnikoff, Chiropractic

With over 20 years of professional experience Dr. Cheryl Joy Kalashnikoff has helped numerous patients receive relief from pain and go on to and maintain a healthier lifestyles.

Dr. Kalashnikoff has traveled extensively throughout Asia learning additional alternative therapies. She treats through a variety of methods such as Activator, Sacro-occipital technique, Trigger Point Therapy, Soft Tissue Release, Kinesiology, and Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Each patient is assessed and then given treatment and counselling on nutrition and exercises which will better maintain their alignment.

Dr. Kalashnikoff believes in empowering the patient to return to normal active lifestyle quickly. It is one of Dr. Kalashnikoffs greatest pleasures to connect with each patient and assist them in improving their health.

When not treating, Dr. Kalashnikoff enjoys sports and outdoor recreation with her husband and four children.

There is more to chiropractic than relief of aches & pains. Our primary is the integrity of your nervous system, which controls and regulates every cell and tissue of your body. The moving bones of the spinal column can improve through vital communication link between your brain and your body. We help improve the function and structure of the spine reducing the interferences.

The result? Even non-spinal related health problems can show improvement, without drug or surgery, regardless of age. Naturally, we can address

  • Soft tissue treatment
  • Balancing of muscles
  • Suggestions on exercising and ergonomic
  • Diet suggestion