Kinesiology! Covered by ICBC after an MVA

Online Video Sessions are now available as well!  Exercise therapy for post surgery, general health, acute injury or chronic issue, training for sport, strengthening after a motor vehicle accident or if you just want to learn how to become more balanced physically and prevent further injury.

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Kinesiology Treatments

Kinesiologists are specialists in the study of human movement and function and they apply the study of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, psychology and neuroscience to human function and movement. They hold a minimum of a 4 year Degree in Kinesiology or Human Kinetics.

James holds a Masters and has been practicing for over 20 years with a strong athletic background,  Sean has a specialty in working with Parkinson’s patients and they are both currently taking their Osteopathic Certification.

At Affinity Family Wellness, our Kelowna Kinesiologists assess and treat clients suffering from automobile accidents (MVA), physical injuries at work, sports injuries, post surgery, chronic disease, neurological conditions and general life activities.

Our Kinesiologists work with all ages at every stage of life or health to help improve your overall fitness, function, performance and most importantly, quality of life.

New ICBC rules have made it easy to access help with your rehabilitation and recovery by offering 12 visits within 12 weeks of your accident.

Affinity Family Wellness direct bills ICBC to help limit any out of pocket expenses and helping limit any barriers standing in the way of you achieving optimal recovery.

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Kinesiology Sessions: What to Expect

Many clients come to their first kinesiology session unsure of what they hope to get out of the experience. Your kinesiologist will spend some time getting to know your ailments and discuss your concerns before beginning.

During an assessment, you and your kinesiologist will discuss the accident or incident related to your visit. They will ask about previous ailments and perform range of motion, strength, and palpation tests. This will help your kinesiologist pinpoint where the body is stressed, and which areas to work on. As various tissues are interconnected, the rehabilitative work may not always be at the point of pain, depending on the situation.

Once your affliction has been identified, your kinesiologist will use their knowledge of the human body, specifically in exercise physiology, to develop specific exercises for you. These exercises will be built into a customized program to help re-balance the body. They often contain various elements designed to build up strength, stability, posture, balance, proprioception, etc. Additional techniques, such as Soft Tissue Release, taping, and other modalities are often incorporated to help with recovery, pain reduction, and healthy movement.

After a kinesiology session, many clients feel lighter or less weighed down. Some also feel energetic or find their concentration has improved. This is due to a realignment of the energetic body.

Is Kinesiology Right for Me?

If you are seeking out a way to rehabilitate yourself after a physical injury, Kinesiology may be able to help you regain physical function. Many clients are referred to a kinesiologist after seeing an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, or chiropractor in order to begin active rehabilitation. A kinesiologist will create and implement a structured and personally tailored exercise program that will enhance and promote a safe return to a client’s normal daily activities.

Kinesiology doesn’t just benefit those who are in the process of injury rehabilitation. Sessions can help alleviate anything from posture, digestion, power and strength, pain, food sensitivities and more. Talk to your kinesiologist about your concerns to discuss how kinesiology may help heal and return balance to the body.