Kinesiologists are specialists in the study of human movement and function and they apply the study of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, psychology and neuroscience to human function and movement. They hold a minimum of a 4 year Degree in Kinesiology or Human Kinetics

Accelerate Your Movement

At Affinity Family Wellness, our Kinesiologist assesses and treats clients suffering from automobile accidents (MVA), physical injuries at work, sports injuries, post surgery, chronic disease, neurological conditions and general life activities.

Our Kinesiologist works with all ages at every stage of life or health to help improve your overall fitness, function, performance and most importantly, quality of life.

New ICBC rules have made it easy to access help with your rehabilitation and recovery by offering 12 visits within 12 weeks of your accident.

Affinity Family Wellness direct bills ICBC to help limit any out of pocket expenses and helping limit any barriers standing in the way of you achieving optimal recovery.

A combination of manual therapy and kinesiology, is the most effective way to feeling better and Accelerating Your Movement.