Nir Saar, Kelowna Acupuncture

Nir Takes the gentle approach to acupuncture using ultra-fine needles, coupled with precise palpation skills to create a calming and effective therapeutic effect. He practices Acupuncture in the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine using Classic styles of acupuncture and Newer styles of acupuncture according to the client’s symptoms and needs.

Nir had a background of treating clients using bodywork (Shiatsu Massage, Tuina Massage, he also studied one year of Osteopathy) and as he progressed with his acupuncture skills, he uses mostly acupuncture in his practice with great results.
Nir focuses his practice on the treatment of Pain, Structural Conditions, Neurological Conditions (Post Stroke Rehab), Women’s Health, Men’s Health and Stress reduction.

Working with Acupuncture in a holistic approach seeing the whole person, using Modern and Classic Acupuncture styles focusing on the treatment of Acute and Chronic Pain and the treatment of Older Adults, Women’s Health, Men’s Health and Stress Reduction.